Our Services

There are two principle facets to our business and broadly speaking, they fall within the following categories;

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment & Development

Our aim at The MTC Partnership is to help you to make informed choices when recruiting high calibre executives and managers for your business. We are primarily an executive search company, working with the leaders of commerce and industry and with access to the very best talent in the market. Our service is based upon our total commitment and our reputation for quality supported by a proven track record spanning more than two decades.

We recognise the impact of our work upon the future prosperity of our clients and also the not insignificant investment which our services command. Getting your appointment exactly right for all parties involved is the only option for us. Our aim is to help you to become even more successful and to achieve your business growth targets through the appointment of individuals of the highest calibre – first class candidates who will provide leadership and direction.

Assessment and Development

Recognising the importance of broader talent management issues across your business, our assessment and development programmes can be tailored towards objective based coaching or mentoring as an aid towards succession planning.

Located in Central England, we are within easy reach of our clients across the UK, Europe, Asia and USA, providing cost-effective solutions through a comprehensive suite of proven services designed to attract, retain and develop the best available talent for your business.

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